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How to Moderate Users

How to Moderate Users

This guide will explain how to mute and disable the video of an active participant and explain what a passive participant is

In this screenshot below I have two participants. An active participant, Lorinda Reeders, and a passive participant, Mike Smith.

A participant becomes passive if they didn't allow camera and microphone access on their device. These users can see and hear you, but don't have the option to turn on their camera and microphone. If you would like to engage with them the best way is to do so via the chat.

For the active participant, you have two options, normal mute and master mute. With normal mute, you can turn off the camera and microphone of the specific user, but they can turn it on again on their side. If you use the master mute button, the user can't again unmute themselves but still have the option to turn on their camera.

As the host you also have the option to moderate the chat and delete a message for everyone as shown below.

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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