Virtual Talking Circle (VTC) FAQs

Virtual Talking Circle Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How Does a Virtual Talking Circle Work on Televeda?

A Virtual Talking Circle on Televeda allows participants to communicate and share in an organized manner, inspired by traditional talking circles where only one person speaks at a time. The facilitator initiates the event and can configure display settings. Participants can speak in a designated order (clockwise or counter-clockwise) or use the "Raise Hand Sharing" feature, where the facilitator selects someone who has raised their hand to pass them the token. The facilitator is responsible for passing the token and can gently prompt a participant to conclude their turn. This ensures everyone has a chance to contribute, fostering a respectful and inclusive discussion environment.

To learn more about joining a Virtual Talking Circle on Televeda, Please read: How to Join a Virtual Circle on Televeda

Question 2: What is the difference between playing Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, or Raise Hand Sharing?

Clockwise: Participants speak in sequence, moving in a clockwise direction. The facilitator passes the token to indicate whose turn it is.

Counter-clockwise: Similar to clockwise, but the speaking order moves counter-clockwise. The token is passed accordingly.

Raise Hand Sharing: Participants raise their hands to indicate they want to speak. The facilitator selects the next speaker and passes the token to them. This allows for more dynamic participation.

Question 3: What does it mean if the facilitator nudges you?

If the facilitator nudges you, it means they are gently prompting you to conclude your turn. This ensures that everyone has a chance to speak and keeps the discussion flowing smoothly.

Question 4: What if I don't feel comfortable talking?

If you don't feel comfortable talking, let the facilitator know, so they can pass the token to the next person. This is a safe space, and everyone should only participate to the extent they feel comfortable with.

Question 5: Can I join anonymously?

Yes, you can join anonymously. The facilitator will have access to your information, but other members won't, allowing you to remain anonymous to them. You can configure this setting in the waiting room. For more details, refer to How to Join a Virtual Circle on Televeda.

Question 6: How many people can be in a virtual talking circle?

Virtual talking circles on Televeda can have between 1 to 10 members including the facilitator.

Question 7: Can anyone join the circle?

This depends on the event and the facilitator. To join, you need to have a Televeda account. Please read How to Sign Up for Televeda. Some events may be password protected or community-specific (only members in that community can join). Finally, the host needs to admit everyone to the event and has the right to remove someone from the circle if they behave inappropriately.

Question 8: How safe is my information?

The virtual talking circle is a safe space to share and listen to others, and you are welcome to share personal things. However, if the facilitator feels that your life is at risk (e.g., suicidal thoughts) or if there are legal reasons, we might need to share your information with authorities or people who can help.

Please read our legal policy here.

Question 9: What is the etiquette for VTC?

The Veteran Circle is a safe space. Our goal is to share our stories and connect with other’s stories. What is shared in the Veteran Circle, stays in the Veteran circle.

There is only one speaker at a time.
The facilitator designates who is speaking next.
Listen respectfully.
It is perfectly acceptable for someone to choose not to speak.
Try to be in a quiet space when you join a Veteran Circle.
No one should engage in giving medical advice.

Question 10: What if I need tech support during an event?

Click on Tech Support in the top-right corner.

Televeda Support Team Details:
Phone Number: +1 (833) 299-1449 (toll-free)
Live Chat (click this URL and open the chat box)

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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