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Krisp Noise Cancelling

Krisp Noise Cancelling to Reduce Background Noise when Joining Classes

This article will explain how to dowload and use Krisp when joining Televeda classes. Krisp is a free Noise canceling application that you can download on your device.

Please note that Krisp will only cancel out some of the background noise. Please be mindful of other participants when joining a class in a noisy environment, and keep your microphone muted.

Download Krisp and create a free account

Go to
And select Get Krisp for Free to create an account, or sign in if you already have an account.

To download it on your device, click on Download on the left panel. It will automatically detect your device and give you the right option.

After downloading it successfully and creating a free account, you should be able to select it as your microphone when joining a Televeda class.

You can also change your microphone to Krisp after joining by clicking on Settings and selecting it from the dropdown list.

To change your Default Microphone to Krisp on Chrome, Please follow these instructions

If you change your default microphone to Krisp, it will be selected as the default microphone on Televeda and other applications.

1) Once it’s installed correctly you can make it your default microphone on Chrome by going to settings

2) Privacy and Security

3) Site Settings

4) Permissions and Microphone

5) Select Krisp as your default microphone from the dropdown list.

That't it, you're good to go!

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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