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How to Host a Class as an Instructor

How to use Televeda platform as a Host/Instructor

Guide explaining how to use the platform functionalities.

Make sure to schedule a tech check with a Televeda admin team member for a personal walkthrough.
Click on this link to schedule your complementary tech check with us: Schedule a Tech Check

Here is the Host Toolbelt which gives you plenty of information and moderation capabilities.

Ending a Class: Click the stop button in the bottom host toolbelt. This will stop the class.

After clicking the button, a pop-out window saying are you sure you wish to stop class? will appear

Click OK to end the class
Click Cancel to close the pop-out window

Moderating Audio

Microphone Button: This will mute/unmute your microphone.

Moderating Video
Camera Button: This will turn Off/On your camera.

Sharing your Screen
Screen Share Button: This will allow you to share another screen with the class.

Please review this related Helpdesk article for Screen Sharing on the platform.

Recording the class
Record Button: This will start/stop recording your class.

NOTE: The instructor must manually start and stop the recording, due to privacy concerns classes are not recorded by default and members must be informed before you can record a class. The file will be stored with Televeda admin and not published, please reach out to to get access to your recording.

Spotlight/Tiled Layout Button: This will allow you to toggle between the spotlight/tiled display on your screen. The main pinned view is what is broadcasted to the entire stream.

Spotlight: Host/Instructor Screen display in the middle and participants screen on the side
Tiled: All the screens participants & host will be displayed accordingly

Chat Button: This will open/close the chat box

Input Field: You can type/enter text on this field
Send Button: This will allow you to send a message to all participants
X: This will close the chat box

Number of Users Icon: This will show you the number of participants on the class

Pin Button: This will allow you to broadcast your screen or a participant screen to the whole class

Moderator Panel Switch: This will open/close the Admin panel.

Class URL Field: You can get the class URL on this field
Participant URL Field: You can get the participant URL on this field
Mute All: This will mute all participants microphone
Disable Video: This will disable all participants video
Participants List: This will display the details of the participants

Participant Screen Functionality

How to moderate users in a class

Camera Button: This will turn Off/On the participant’s video feed.
Microphone Button: This will mute/unmute the participant’s microphone.
Master Mute Button: This will disable the participant’s mute/unmute button.
Pin Button: This will allow you to broadcast the participant’s video feed to the whole class.

Updated on: 07/06/2021

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