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How to Host Bingo on the Televeda Application

How to Host Bingo on the Televeda Application

Step 1:

Open your Chrome Browser (We highly recommend using Chrome but other browsers can be used as well)

Type this in the URL field -

Input your Username & Password as a Host/Instructor

Click Login

Select Bingo from the drop-down list under Scheduled Classes

Select the Layout based on your event (2-Way Interactive or 1-Way Broadcast)

Edit the Host Display First Name

Click GO

A pop-up window "Do you want to start hosting right now?" will appear

Click OK to start the class

Once you logged in successfully you will see this page:

Step 2:

Type in a random card number to start.

Step 3:

Publish yourself.

After publishing yourself you can click on SELECT DEVICE to change your Video and/or Audio input.

Step 4:

Publish the player's video. The player will receive a pop-up asking to allow microphone and camera access, if they click on 'Allow' they will be published.

Once a player has been published you can moderate their camera and microphone here:

Step 5:

Call numbers by clicking on the random number generator CALL NEXT NUMBER or by clicking on the number itself.
Please remember to never call numbers while in presentation mode.

Step 6:

If someone has bingo, you will see it here:

What Members See

This is what the members will see, when joining as a venue:

If a member has bingo they should click on the orange bingo button.


How to Host Bingo on the Televeda Application

Additional Features

1) Use the game round counter at the top to reset the cards for individual players.
2) Use the screen sharing options to share your entire screen, a window, or a tab.
3) In Presentation Mode participants will only see the host, the host's screen if he/she is sharing, and other published participants.

Updated on: 13/10/2022

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