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How to Test Out a Class Before It Begins

How to Test Out a Class by Yourself Before it Begins

This guide will explain how hosts can begin a class by themselves prior to the real one to ensure that everything is working properly.

Before your scheduled class begins, we recommend that you enter the class by yourself to ensure that everything is working properly. To do this, you will need to login as a host and navigate to the class selection window (shown below).
Please note that you can only you this on the day of the class.

Class Selection Window

Find your upcoming class and enter the meeting (Do not worry about other users entering the meeting while you are doing this as they can only enter the meeting at the designated time). From here, locate the "Moderator Panel" (indicated below) and click on it.

Now, you should see a menu similar to the image below. Press "Copy Participant URL" (button circled below).

You can now either open this link in a new tab and join the meeting yourself as a user or you can send it to someone else and have them join and make sure everything is working smoothly. Make sure you use the above method to have others join your call; by using the participant URL, others can bypass the wait room and you can being testing out your class right away.
If you would like to send out the link to presenters or other hosts before the class starts, you can do so with this participant URL.

We recommend that you check and make sure that you have the proper microphone and camera selected, that your audio works, and that you can screen share properly (if applicable).

Note: If you chose to test out our class with others, they will need to to register as a user in order to join the class. If you need assistance with this, please visit our website or contact support.

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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