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How to Facilitate a Virtual Talking Circle (VTC) on Televeda

How to Facilitate a Virtual Talking Circle on Televeda

Please follow these steps to join a Virtual Circle

Step 1: Start the Event

Go to, select the event from the dropdown list, and click on GO.

Click OK to continue:

Step 2: Configure your display settings.

Select a Circle Token
Type a Prompt
Enable Camera Access
Enable Microphone Access
Talk into the Microphone to do an Audio Test

Step 3: Click on Join Class

When you click on Join Class the event will be live, and members can join from the lobby. Here is what the facilitator side looks like:

Step 4: Admit Members

The virtual circle is limited to 10 members. Please note that members can only join if you admit them. You have the option to admit one member at a time or all members at once.
Click on Participants to see the Waiting room.

Step 5: Select a Direction and Pass the Token

The default starting direction is clockwise, but you can change it if needed. When everyone joins, they will be able to unmute themselves and turn on their cameras. The game officially starts when you pass the token, and only the person with the token will be able to unmute themselves. As the facilitator, you always have the ability to unmute.

When playing Clockwise or Counter-clockwise, pass the token to the next member by clicking on Pass Token in the bottom modal.

When using the Raise Hand Sharing method, click on the arrow in the bottom modal to pass a token.

You can also click on the three ellipses in the participant tab and select Pass Token to pass the token to a member with a raised hand.

Video Demonstration

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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