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How to Record a Class

How to Record a Class

This guide will help you on how to record your class while hosting.

The "Record" button is located in the host toolbelt at the bottom of your screen (see image below).

Host Toolbelt

The "Record" button is the button in the very center of the toolbelt (indicated below). Once you locate it, simply tap on it.

Once you tap on the record button, it should turn change color (shown below) and the recording will begin.

Record button should turn red around the edge

As a host, you control when the recording starts and stops by toggling on the button.

Accessing your Recording
Televeda does not publish class recordings, but we host the archived clips. To receive a copy of your recording, please email with your details. Our team will send a link to the raw file, or depending on your plan- an edited Youtube link (private).

Updated on: 02/07/2021

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