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How to Share a Video with your Class (Screen Share)

How to Share a Video with your Class using Screen Share

This guide will show you how to use the "Screen Share" function so you can easily display a video for your class to see.

The simplest way to share a video with your class is through the "Screen Share" button. First, locate your host toolbelt, which can be found towards the bottom of your screen (shown below).

Host Toolbelt

The "Screen Share" button can be found towards the middle of the host toolbelt (indicated below).

From here, simply tap on the button and a menu similar to the one below should pop up if you are using Google Chrome (which is the recommended browser).

Now, simply select if would like to share your entire screen, your window, or just a tab.

The "Share" button will turn blue once you select a tab to share

Why is Audio not Coming Through for the Participants?

Sometimes, you might run into issues where no audio is being projected to your participants while you are screen sharing a video to your class. The main cause of this is that you (the host) might be sharing via the "Entire Screen" or "Window" option. Many operating systems, such as Apple and Windows, do not allow for audio to be played on any sharing mode outside of "Chrome Tab." It is for this reason that we strongly recommend all instructors to use Chrome during their meetings to make sharing the easiest.

In order to share with audio, select "Chrome Tab" (circled below) and locate the tab that contains the Youtube video.

Once you have the Chrome Tab that contains the video selected, click the "Share Audio" button in the bottom left-hand corner (indicated below).

From here, you can simply click "Share" and you should be able to seamlessly display the Youtube video for your class to see.

Updated on: 21/10/2021

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