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Using Multiple External Devices & Hardware

How to locate and use different cameras or microphones

Guide explaining how to change your mic or camera

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Camera & Microphone Toggling
Here is the Host Toolbelt which manages your device settings

Host Toolbelt

The gear icon (indicated below) is where you can toggle your external cameras or microphones mid-stream.

Once you click on this button a menu should pop up similar to the one below (see image).

From here, simply click on the dropdown arrow (circled below) and choose which camera/microphone you would like to use for your class.

You do not need to refresh your browser, you can easily toggle between different cameras that are connected to your system.

Speaker Systems
Note: Cameras and microphone in the stream only covers your "input" and the audience "output". If your audio output (what you hear at your end) is not your computer, and a separate speaker system or external monitor then you would have to control those directly from your computer settings.

Updated on: 02/07/2021

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